Bio LockActiv

Bio LockActiv

LockActiv ™ is a composite interference screw, absorbable and bioactive which stimulates the bone regeneration.1 Our patented technology that mixes PDLLA and bioactive glass, LockActiv™ has a failure torque 4x greater than the insertion torque for more sécurité.2,3 The rounded threads and surface maximized with the graft avoids abrasion of the graft and maintains it. The bioactive property of LockActiv™ ensures bone regeneration within the tunnel and its degradation products naturally metabolized by corps.



– Improved mechanical resistance
– Introduction safe
– Graft integrity preserved
– Maintaining graft ensured within the bone tunnel
– Better tolerance : buffering and maintaining the physiological pH
– Complete osseointegration of the screw

Easy and Secure insertion

✓ Star drive: optimal drive torque, easy and gradual insertion
✓ Failure torque is four times the insertion torque


LockActiv™ insertion is facilitated by its specific design.

Graft fixation

✓ Rounded threads : graft protection during insertion
✓ Straight profile and short conical tip: maximized contact between the screw, graft and bone
✓ Controlled resorption : mechanical properties sustained during graft healing process


LockActiv™ allows to maintain the graft against the bone for the time required for its consolidation.

Bone regeneration through bioactivity

  • Absorbable and bioactive interference screw stimulates bone regeneration
  • Degradation products are naturally metabolised by human body
  • Better tolerance : buffering effect of bioactive glass
  • Complete screw osseointegration via the biological attachment

In-vivo study: Comparative histological analyses